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Bob Goodroe

Director of Manufacturing

Dorsett Industries Inc.

I again realized that Hicks was special as their business grew and they began manufacturing their own machinery and parts for our existing machines. The parts were and are the best we have ever purchased or used. I can’t recall even one small problem with any part supplied to us that was manufactured by Hicks Tufting Machine Service. When the time came to invest in new tufting machines, I turned to Hicks. Bobby explained to me his idea of a gear driven needle bar system and its benefits. We purchased a machine with the Hicks’ system. Shortly thereafter, we purchased another, then another and so on. Our company now has half a dozen Hicks tufting machines in operation with plans for more in the near future. With the oldest of the machines now being over ten years old and 1000’s of production hours on the equipment, I have not been disappointed. The production speeds we can achieve are second to none, and our maintenance costs and down time are the lowest I’ve experienced with any manufacturers equipment. I must give a heartfelt thank you to Hicks Tufting Machine Service and all of their people that make them what they are. They have certainly helped our company become better as a result of their knowledge, dedication, equipment and services.